keep pace

go as fast, go at the same rate It was difficult lớn keep pace with the other students but somehow I managed.

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keep pace with

maintain the same rate or speed as;not get behind与…并驾齐驱;不落后I can"t keep pace with her in mathematics.在数学上我比不过她。We must keep pace with the times.我们必须跟上时代的步伐。When we go for a walk,John has to lớn take long steps lớn keep pace with us.当我们出去散步时,约翰必须迈大步才能跟上我们。His mental development kept pace with the growth of his body.他的智力发展和他的体格发育齐头并进。

keep pace|keep|pace

v. Phr. Lớn go as fast; go at the same rate; not get behind. When they go for a walk, Johnny has lớn take long steps to lớn keep pace with his father. When Billy was moved to a more advanced class, he had khổng lồ work hard to lớn keep pace. Compare: KEEP UP(2a).

keep pace

To move or progress at the same rate as others. My leg was hurt, but I was able khổng lồ keep pace with the rest of the team during our run. Keeping pace with the go-getters in this office is a real challenge, but I think you"re up lớn it. You can follow me if you want, but try lớn keep pace.Learn more: keep, pace

keep pace

(with someone or something) 1.
Lit. To lớn move at the same speed as someone, something, or an animal; to lớn match someone or some creature pace for pace. The đen horse was having a hard time keeping pace with the brown one. Tom runs very fast & I couldn"t keep pace with him. 2.

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Fig. To lớn manage to move, learn, change, etc., at the same rate as someone or something. Bill can"t keep pace with the geometry class. You"ve just got lớn keep pace.Learn more: keep, pace

keep pace

Also, keep up. Go at the same rate as others, not fall behind. For example, The teacher told his mother that Jimmy was not keeping up with the class. Shakespeare had the first term in A Midsummer Night"s Dream (3:2): "My legs cannot keep pace with my desires." Learn more: keep, pace

keep ˈpace (with somebody/something)

1 move, progress or develop at the same speed or rate as somebody/something: In this business we have khổng lồ keep pace with our foreign competitors. ♢ He isn’t really keeping pace with the other children in his class.2 keep informed about something which is changing very fast: I find it difficult to lớn keep pace with all the political changes that are taking place.Learn more: keep, pace

keep pace

to lớn stay even with others, as in a contest.Learn more: keep, paceLearn more:Dictionary
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